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Prof. Lüttgen's research concerns the theory and practice of software engineering, formal methods, automated verification, concurrency theory and parallel programming.

Targeted applications include software model checkers, programming environments, parallel programming languages and libraries, software specification and design languages and requirements engineering techniques, as employed for developing, validating and verifying application software and embedded software.

The overall research objective is to make formal software methods more relevant in practice. One of the reasons for the relatively slow uptake of such methods is that they usually do no integrate well with the software development methodologies and techniques practised by engineers and that they often cannot cope with the complexities inherent in today's software systems. Prof. Lüttgen's aim is to conduct the necessary foundational research and practical development (in the form of prototypical software tools and case studies) in order to overcome these shortcomings.

This page contains some information on recent or upcoming research events and projects, with which Prof. Lüttgen is or has been involved. A more detailed description of current research topics addressed by Prof. Lüttgen and his staff is available at the SWT Research Group website. Information on Prof. Lüttgen's publications and grants can be found elsewhere on this site.


This is a chronologically sorted list of events with which Prof. Lüttgen is or has been involved, either as member of the program committee or as organiser.

Research Projects

Below is a list of recent research projects of which Prof. Lüttgen is or has been the principal investigator. See Prof. Lüttgen's curriculum vitae for a complete list of grants.

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